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Douglas Richard Hanks - Juniper QFX5100 Series. A Comprehensive Guide to Building Next-Generation Networks

Juniper QFX5100 Series. A Comprehensive Guide to Building Next-Generation Networks

Autor: Douglas Richard Hanks

Format: eBook

Data wydania: 2014-11-19

Stron: 310

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Cena: 194.65 zł Zniżka: 34.35%

Ideal for network engineers involved in building a data center, this practical guide provides a comprehensive and technical deep-dive into the new Juniper QFX5100 switching family. You...ll learn how the Juniper QFX5100 enables you to create simple-to-use data centers or build some of the largest IP Fabrics in the world.

This book is chock-full of helpful technical illustrations and code examples to help you get started on all of the major architectures and features of Juniper QFX5100 switches, whether an enterprise or service provider. With this book, you...ll be well on your way to becoming a Juniper QFX5100 expert.

All of the examples and features are based on Junos releases 13.2X51-D20.2 and 14.1X53-D10.

  • Fully understand the hardware and software architecture of the Juniper QFX5100
  • Design your own IP Fabric architecture
  • Perform in-service software upgrades
  • Be familiar with the performance and scaling maximums
  • Create a data center switching fabric with Virtual Chassis Fabric
  • Automate networking devices with Python, Ruby, Perl, and Go
  • Build an overlay architecture with VMware NSX and Juniper Contrail
  • Export real-time analytics information to graph latency, jitter, bandwidth, and other features

Cena: 194.65 zł Zniżka: 34.35%

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